Tips to take care of your jewelry

Buying jewelry is a task, and taking care of your precious property is even a bigger task. Check out tips to keep your jewelry in top condition!

Avoid spraying perfume after wearing jewelry.

 take care of your jewelry If you wear perfume every day, it is best to wear jewelry at least ten minutes after spraying. Let the chemicals sit and put them on the jewelry. Also, beware of discoloration of hair spray. 

Please remove jewelry before showering or entering the swimming pool.

 take care of your jewelry Avoid wearing jewelry when showering or entering the swimming pool, as harmful chemicals can corrode chlorinated water. People should avoid wearing jewelry in the gymnasium or gymnasium, because sweat may damage the gloss of the jewelry. In addition, when doing housework (such as gardening), please remove jewelry.

Clean your jewelry

 take care of your jewelry Use mild liquid cleaners to clean jewelry. The detergent should be diluted to 1:4 before use. Immerse the jewelry in the solution and clean it with a soft brush. The entire process should be gentle, as excessive force may damage the settings. Do not use hard chemicals on pearls.

Tips to take care of jewelry – Store it in a soft pouch

Store jewelry separately in cloth bags or tissue paper to avoid scratching. Make sure the cloth or box is not wet. Always put the jewelry back in the box, not on the table or the side of the sink. You will eventually lose your jewelry, and you not only make money investments in jewelry, but also make emotional investments.

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