Selling jewelry gives typically you 2 possibilities. You may find a secure payment having a lower price tag, or market your jewelry a high price, an amount of time as well as more endeavor. Make sure you desire to offer your jewelry! You may obtain less than the retail stores. Think about re-mounting diamonds and your diamonds to a brand new piece. Think about conserving your jewelry For those who aren’t in a budget to redesign your jewelry today. 


Selling jewelry

This is dependent upon the best way to offer your jewelry, as clarified below. However, you buy for the jewelry is based more on the state, the grade and design. It can be well worth a trip to get an evaluation in case your jewelry is a higher price. Find a Professional Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of the United States if You Are Interested in an evaluation. You may require it. In Fox Superb, You Are Going to match George Fox, who is also a Graduate Gemologist plus an Accredited Gemologist. 

Salability factors include:

Selling jewelry 

The style of the jewelry—is it a current, popular style? Is it an ancient piece from about the 1930s or before? Expect a higher price. Is it the popular style that’s now dated? A piece from the 1970s? Expect a lower price—most offers will be for the intrinsic value of the parts.

The condition of the jewelry—Are there worn prongs, scratched gemstones or chipped diamonds? Rings and bracelets receive more wear than pendants and earrings. You may need to visit a jeweler for a good cleaning and inspection.

Diamonds and Gemstones—You’ll receive the most value for large, good quality diamonds, followed by sapphires, rubies and emeralds. There is not much value in other gemstones unless they are larger, rare and good quality. It is helpful if you have a diamond report, but usually, it is not worth the expense of having a formal, written appraisal.

Rare and Collectible Jewelry—These are the very few pieces, usually old and branded, that command a premium price. If you are fortunate to have a rare piece, then visit a jeweler that sells similar style pieces or contact one of the auction houses like Sotheby’s. 

So, how much can you sell your jewelry for? Jewelry in good condition that is also a current style or a vintage piece. It far easier to sell as a finished piece. The majority of jewelry doesn’t fall into this category. It is usually sold for the intrinsic value of the gold or platinum, diamonds and gemstones. Read on for where to sell your jewelry. 


Selling jewelry

Friends, family and acquaintances 

If you know who wants to buy your jewelry this is the best option by far. It is also the most unlikely but it is worth a try. Wear your jewelry, tell everyone you want to sell it, post it on social media. You’ll get a higher price and make someone you know happy! The only pitfall may be a strained relationship, so be sure everyone is comfortable with the transaction. 

Advertising for a Private Party Sale 

You can list your jewelry on Craig’s List or eBay. Although it can be difficult to find a buyer, the cost is little or nothing, so if you don’t need the money immediately, why not try? For security purposes you may want to meet in a public place. It can facilitate a sale of a high-value item if you meet at a jewelry store and have a verbal appraisal. 

I Do Now I Don’t 

Another option is IDoNowIDont. Sellers list diamond engagement rings and diamond jewelry. When a buyer wants to buy your jewelry so send your jewelry to IDoNowIDont where a gemologist verifies it. At the same time, the money is held in escrow. A 15% commission is charged. Reading the reviews you’ll find that there are plenty of ecstatic buyers, but not as many happy sellers. The main seller issues are how long it took to sell, that it didn’t sell and the low price they received. 


This is an option for high-value items in good condition where the time of payment isn’t an issue. Your jewelry may sell quickly or it may not sell at all. You will significantly improve your chances of selling your jewelry if you choose a store that sells similar pieces and does a brisk business.