Three simple ways to secretly find out the ring size

You are ready to buy the engagement ring of her dreams. You have completed the research, but you don’t know her ring size. How to do?

You want to make a final surprise suggestion, but you don’t want to ask her directly about her ring size to give her any ideas. So what else can you find? We met a lot of people who found that the perfect ring was only caught up when ordering the correct size ring. Based on our experience, here are the three easiest ways we recommend secretly finding out the ring size:

1.Easy Ways: Ask her friends

Find Out Ring SizeThis one is pretty simple and the best place to start. Begin by asking her very best friend. From childhood, college, whoever is her go-to girl. Odds are, she might’ve already prepped her best friend with the answer to this question. But hey, if this route doesn’t give you the answer, don’t worry, move on to another friend. Maybe one of her girlfriends recently got engaged, and she tried on the ring? You never know! It is a secret when trying to find the ring size; this is the best place to start.

If you want to go this way, a handy trick is to make sure that your secrets can be trusted with friends, especially such big secrets! You need to know that even if they don’t know the answer, they’ll keep the proposal ideas between them.

2.Easy Ways: Take a ring she already owns to a jeweler

Find Out Ring Size

The second most natural way to find out her ring size is by borrowing one of her rings and taking it to get measured at a jeweler. But this one does tend to go slightly awry.

The trick to this technique is that you want to know what finger ring she usually wears. Is it the middle finger, the thumb, or her ring finger? It can alter the accuracy when trying to get the size of her ring finger. Before taking one of her rings to get measured, take note of what finger she wears.

For the most success, try to find the ring she often wears on either her actual ring finger or the fourth finger on her right hand. Help you achieve the most accurate measurement.

3.Easy Ways: Get others to ask her

Find Out Ring SizeDid you already try asking her friends? Do they not know? Well, I’m sure you’ve contemplated finding a sneaky way to ask her this question casually. But instead of you trying to bring up this question secretly, have one of her girlfriends do it!

Having one of them do it is less obvious, will most likely draw the least amount of attention, and will aid in surprising her, even more, when you do pop the question. Although this is one of the top three most natural ways to find out her ring size, this one is trickier than the first two. You want someone sneaky enough to find out casually, but someone who will do this is in a way that won’t draw any attention or suspicion. Choose wisely!

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