Five tips to hide that large engagement ring box

You have taken the time to choose the perfect engagement ring. You pick up the ring. It looks beautiful in the box given to you by the jeweler. But when you need to put the ring in your pocket and make the best advice ever, you will panic!

How can you hide this bulky engagement ring box in your pocket? You seem to want to hide a huge, not too subtle rock. You may worry that unless you get out of trouble, all the plans planned for her and the surprises designed for you will be destroyed.

Here are five fool options for hiding the ring, so that you can still get the final suggested moment without finding her:

Option 1: Wear loose clothing

Engagement Ring Box

When you try to fit a giant engagement ring box in your pocket, it is not delicate. Unless you are wearing very loose pants, there is no right way. However, if you can find the perfect outfit, there are other places on your body to consider hiding the ring box.

One option is to hide it with loose pants to cover up any bumps. Now you may be thinking well; this is a bit strange. Okay, so don’t rule it out for now. Another option is to wear a loose jacket or a sweatshirt with large pockets. The increased volume of this jacket can make the ring bulge more perfect.

Option 2: Use props to fix the ring

Engagement Ring BoxDepending on when and how you made your suggestions, some accessories or props may be attached. For example, maybe you plan to go hiking. A perfect ring-shaped container or an empty solid-color water bottle backpack is your ideal choice. You can even put the ring in a blanket, granola bar box, or wrap it in a lightweight jacket.

This method is advantageous if the objects or accessories you carry with you are completely ordinary. Things like backpacks, camera bags, sports bags, and coffee cups maybe things your essential others are used to seeing you carry outside the house. Just make sure that the props are meaningful in this situation, and they won’t make them suspicious.

Option 3: Hide the ring in this location

Engagement Ring BoxYou can choose to do this before or in advance of the proposal. Either way, if you can access a private location, this might be the right choice. Maybe you can hide it in the yard, or quickly hide it somewhere when she looks away. Hiding it somewhere can be an exciting starting point when you point it out and ask her to open it.

Warning story-I have heard a story in the past where someone hid a ring under a beach shell. They make sure they know precisely where it is. When he returned with her, it took three hours to find the ring again. Therefore, if you plan to come back later, make sure you know exactly where the hidden ring is!

Option 4: Help out

It is an idea I reached with a friend recently, and it worked very well. The three of us have agreed to go for a walk a few weeks ago because the weather in Boston is so good. Before we set off, he slipped away the box I kept in my purse when I went for a walk. When he told me to take a picture, I secretly handed him the box, and the proposal was executed perfectly.

Friends and family are perfect accomplices when making suggestions. If you can accept their situation, please put them in a safe place and grab the ring. She didn’t know that this ring was carried by someone else, which would surprise the final surprise.

Option 5: If all other methods fail, Ditch The Ring Box

Kneeling and opening the box to reveal the ring is indeed every woman’s dream. But sometimes, you have nowhere to hide that bulky box. Therefore, it is time to make changes.

You can easily hide the ring on the ring finger. It can be easily hidden in a pocket or purse, or even in a small handbag. They also sell very slim boxes online, which helps eliminate the bulky box experience. Although it may not be the same as yours, it still works, and we guarantee that she will even like it.

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