A fashion model turned model agency owner, Zane Peterena, is one young and talented woman who will soon take the world by storm. Alongside pursuing BA in economics and launching her own modelling agency – Shadow Models, this year she will also be joining our Brillante team as a model and model manager.

Zane’s agency is based in Valmiera and its core belief is that people are not born as models but instead have to work for the title everyday. Hence why she is dedicated to training young aspiring models and coaching established ones based on her own modelling and scouting experiences. Over the past couple of years she has travelled the world as a model and recently joined Vidzeme Fashion show team as a model scout and manager. With these experiences under her belt she has loads of vital insider skills and knowledge that she is eager to share and pass down through the agency.

When the blonde beauty is not either studying or scouting for new faces, you can find her in the kitchen cooking or baking for friends and family, as well as occasionally travelling, she admits that she is a keen explorer.

So hold on tight for a little bit, only few weeks left until the upcoming Brillante Fashion Show where Zane will join us to create yet another marvellous and unforgettable Brillante event!

written by Elibabeth Pascka