Not many fashion designers can accredit Forbes magazine as a supporter and being handpicked to be included in their ‘Top 30 Latvian Female Entrepreneurs of 2015’ list and winning “Designer of the Year” at Latvian Style and Fashion Awards. However the wife, mother and fashion entrepreneur, Viktorija can add this to the long list of accomplishments she has accumulated over the past five years whilst creating the luxurious brand NóLó. It has notably became one of the most well known brands in Latvia and graced various fashion weeks such as Tallinn, Tranoi Femme Paris and Riga Fashion Week.

Viktorija started her career in finance and then gradually branched out into fashion by attaining various short-course diplomas from Central Saint Martins. Although it should be noted that her knowledge of and interest in design and sewing was probably inherited from her aunty, who was a respected seamstress in her time and dressed the artistic elite of the Soviet Union.

The daily routine for the designer is split into two parts: routine and creativity. Daily management of her brand and team relies on routine and stability, whereas the evenings and weekends are dedicated to her creative endeavours to sketch, cut and experiment with new ideas and fabrics.

On the rare occasions when the businesswoman is slowing down, you may find her on a plane, going to various business trips or scouting ideas for a new collection. She reveals that by constantly having an inflow of new experiences and regular changes to her environment allows her to keep the new collections modern.

A career highlight for Viktorija is the sheer pride she feels when she spots a woman in one of her designs, it has always been a dream of hers to see this.

Regarding the future of the brand, Viktorija exclusively announces that they have newly opened a 42 sq. m. corner concession in the Moscow’s concept store Trend Island. The brand is also planning on expanding internationally via showrooms and exhibitions focusing specially on the East and the West. Though if that was not enough, the brand may possibly be creating a menswear line too.

So definitely a lot to look forward to with the Latvian brand but for right now we are excited to showcase this beautifully eccentric brand at our fashion show next month on 18 September at the Carousel in Central London.

written by Elizabeth Pascka