Dace Bahmann is a brand made for the ever-evolving modern woman. Even just for the sheer fact that every collection since the start in Spring/Summer ’14 has hit the nail on the head with adapting seasonal fashion trends.

Behind the designs and the brand is Latvian designer Dace Krievina-Bahmane. She created the brand after attaining a Masters degree from the Art Academy of Latvia. In addition to running her own fashion company, Dace also juggles her time between being a fashion editor for L’Officiel Latvia and being a wife and a mother of two. Nevertheless the creative admits that a cup of Coffee Latte or two, alongside flowers, sunny days and white shirts, are her essentials that gives her energy and that she could not live without. She also praises her important relationship with her large and close-knit family. They have supported her throughout all her childhood, while studying and later when establishing and now running her fashion brand.

One of her latest collaborations was with the international ice-cream brand Magnum. Dace was one among the very few selected designers who had the opportunity to design outfits inspired by the ice cream that were later wore by the campaign models.

“Wild” is her current collection that Dace believes retains the brand’s character while also offering more than just basic items for the everyday-wear. The collection marries an elegant flair with the popular athleisure trend, which is totally hot right now.

We at Brillante HQ are in love with Dace’s designs, therefore we are excited to announce that you will be able to see Dace Bahmann’s latest collection at our next fashion show this September in London.

 written by Elizabeth Pascka