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Young, creative and passionate – we are Brillante Team. Creating a place where uniqueness and creativity can be seen and explored in new ways.

Giving a voice and an opportunity is what Brillante Team stands for whether it is by giving back to the community, raising awareness of the Alexander Jansons Foundation or simply by sharing new experiences and talent.

We offer unique, handpicked designs from passionate and talented designers. Experience of discovery unknown in a stylish way.

Bringing together a combination of Latvian and UK designers, for fashion lovers, trend searchers and those who love to stand out by wearing art – rather than clothing.

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One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.




Myocarditis means inflammation of the heart muscle (‘myocardium’) and can be caused by a number of insults including viral infections, radiation therapy, and as a rare side-effect of some medications.


Myocarditis arises from a range of different causes and therefore finding a single cure is challenging. By improving our basic scientific understanding of genetic susceptibility and identifying tools for measuring inflammation within the heart, we hope to take a step in the right direction towards finding new treatments and, thereafter, potential cures.


Myocarditis cannot be prevented, but the consequences of active myocarditis can be minimised by general measures such as rest, avoiding heavy exercise and following instructions from your doctor about possible medication.

The Foundation was set up after the death of a young man, Alexander. He was 18 years old and died from Myocarditis a virus which affects the heart. This disease may affect individuals of all ages but is most frequent in the young.

All money raised by fundraising goes directly to Royal Brompton Hospital to fund research into Myocarditis overseen by Dr Prasad.

The Foundations aim is to spread awareness of Myocarditis and continue to raise funds for ongoing research. With this research we will save lives in the future.


Improving our understanding, improving our care.

Thank you


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